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Categories of Membership There shall be the following categories of members:

Full Membership

a) This shall be open to all who meet the following requirements;

i) All undergraduate students at Meru University of Science and Technology (main campus), who profess the Union’s faith and conscientiously sign a membership registration form that shall contain the following declaration at the beginning of their academic year:

“In joining this Union, I declare my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, my lord and my God and it is my desire, by the grace of God to live a life consistent with this declaration and the doctrinal basis of the Christian Union as reflected in the Union’s constitution. I am also determined to give active support to the Union as it seeks to fulfill its objectives”

ii) All undergraduate students of MUST (main campus) who shall be members of a given bible study family within the academic year.

b) There shall be no membership registration fee.

c) Membership shall be renewed every academic year by signing the declaration in article

9.1A (i) above or otherwise as the executive committee deems necessary or entering of the names into the associate member register as the case may be.

Special Membership

Shall be open to all other undergraduate students of Meru University of Science and Technology such as those pursuing their courses under part-time basis as well as postgraduate students who are not former students of Meru University of Science and Technology. Shall be required to conscientiously sign the declaration provided in 9.1A (i).Also subject to article 9.1C, provided they are not full members of unions in other campuses of MUST.

Associate Membership 

Shall be open to all former students of Meru University of Science and Technology, their spouses and any other person who profess the Union’s faith, objectives and doctrinal basis of the Union. They shall form the MUSTCU associate fellowship.